Lower your monthly costs & total cost of ownership with EVs

Electric vehicles (EVs) can not only provide a lower total cost of ownership, but with 7Gen’s EV-as-a-Service solution, they can also lower your total monthly costs.

Switching to EVs can save you up to 90% in energy costs and up to 60% in maintenance costs in comparison to equivalent gasoline or diesel powered vehicles. Combined with governmental incentives programs, the total costs of ownership of EVs can be considerably lower.

Many business owners, CEOs and fleet managers are considering transitioning to electric vehicles, but high acquisition costs too often discouraged them from making the leap, when in reality EVs could’ve saved them money.

With 7Gen’s EV-as-a-Service you pay a single monthly fee for your EV, charging infrastructure, all installation & commissioning, software and 7Gen’s expertise and support on everything EV related. That way, you evenly spread the initial acquisition costs over the life of the vehicle, and start saving money from operational cost savings (fuel & maintenance) from day one.

Potential Savings with EVs over 6-year period

Total operation cost
Energy cost (fuel)
Maintenance cost

-350 tons

CO2 emissions

* High level figures based on: Class 6 box truck, EV subsidies included, Level 3 charger included, diesel reference vehicle, 50,000km/year

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EV-as-a-Service by 7Gen

Electrify your fleet with a single monthly bill

We support our clients in each step of the EV journey, taking the financial and operational risk out of their EV transition.

Electric Vehicle Financing

7Gen helps you select and finance the EVs best suited to your operations and growth plans. 7Gen is manufacturer agnostic – together we select the make and model that best suits your requirements.

Advisory & End-to-End Implementation

With its extensive expertise and EV industry knowledge, 7Gen develops complete fleet transition strategies and supports you for optimal implementation. From procurement, to installation to staff training.

Charger Full Service Leasing

7Gen leases and helps you select and implement the best charging infrastructure for your specific facilities and business, along with full service maintenance and 24/7 support.

Software Solutions

7Gen provides you with a software suite to seamlessly integrate your new EVs, including: EV charging & optimization, vehicle telematics, and asset management. Additionally 7Gen provides 24/7 phone support.

Benefits of EV-as-a-service

EVs are ideal for return-to-base, urban operations that allow overnight charging

‍Medium and Heavy Duty Vehicle (MHDV) segments that can benefit the most from the advantages of electric vehicles include last-mile/regional delivery, garbage collection, and passenger transport in urban areas. Pick-up trucks are on the near term horizon as well.

For drivers and fleet managers, operational requirements are the leading consideration when purchasing an EV. The majority of medium and heavy-duty trucks are used for short enough routes to be electrified with EVs available today.

The majority of electric trucks can travel around 160 to 320 km on a single charge; some have an even greater range like the Volvo VNR Electric tractor offering 440 km.

Light-Duty Delivery Vans

Garbage / Refuse Trucks

Medium & Heavy-Duty Cargo
Vans & Trucks

Shuttles & Buses

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7Gen works with all OEMs to find EVs that align with your specific needs

Zero Emissions for Medium and Heavy-Duty Vehicles by 2040

In Canada transportation accounts for 29% of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, While Federal and provincial governments offer tons of incentives for transporters to make the switch to EVs, like grants and tax deduction programs.
At the recent United Nations COP26 climate summit, Canada joined 14 other countries and vehicle manufacturers in signing a memorandum of understanding that aims for 35% of new medium- and heavy-duty truck and bus fleets sales to be zero emission by 2035 and 100% by 2040.
Ton incentivize transporters and other companies to make the switch, various levels of government offer tons of incentives for transporters to make the switch to EVs, like grants and tax deduction programs. Additionally Canada’s Zero Emissions Vehicle Infrastructure Program (ZEVIP) aims to bolster the country’s charging network infrastructure through cost-sharing contribution agreements.
7Gen can help you create you emission reduction plan, obtain subsidies and grants and guide you through upcoming legislation and incentives programs.

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7Gen: Realizing Zero Emission Transportation for Future Generations

Launched in January 2020, 7Gen helps companies confidently transition to zero emission vehicles by providing full service EV and chargers leasing, its industry expertise, tailored optimization software, as well as planning & implementing the new technology.

The name 7Gen refers to an ancient Iroquois philosophy on which the company was built upon: Our actions consider the impact beyond the current generation, expanding our outlook to include the next 7 generations to come, while equally reflecting on learnings from previous generations.

Securing 7Gen’s expertise in the Canadian market is “critical”

- Melissa Barbosa
Ikea Canada country sustainability manager

“One of Ikea’s home delivery partners obtained their first EVs through working with 7Gen, which helped that delivery partner find the investments and technology to start replacing their current vehicles with EVs, says Melissa Barbosa, Ikea Canada’s country sustainability manager.

7Gen also helps Ikea create an infrastructure strategy to support the fleet, apply for grants and subsidies, and strategize on placement and type of technology, she adds.

Ikea has a global goal for 100 percent of its transport for customer deliveries and services to use electric vehicles or other zero-emissions solutions by 2025. Without 7Gen’s help, Barbosa says she doesn’t think “we’d get here as quickly or bring as many service providers on board.”

Few companies have this sort of knowledge, Barbosa notes, and securing 7Gen’s expertise in the Canadian market is “critical.” “

How we work

To give you an indication of pricing and feasibility, we provide a no-strings-attached feasibility study and offer based on some simple questions. We provide flexible solutions depending on your needs and stage in the EV roadmap. All our EVaaS plans include the following:

What you get:
  • High level operational needs analysis
  • Selection of best suited EV/Charger solution
  • Initial vehicle and charger specifications
  • Preliminary EVaaS pricing
What you get:
  • In depth operational needs analysis
  • Site electrical and physical assessment
  • Complete charging infrastructure design
  • Final specifications of EV and chargers
  • Pricing, warranty and lead time negotiations with OEMs
  • Incentives program research
  • Project summary for landlord approval
  • Final EVaaS offer
What you get:
  • Complete fleet electrification project management
  • EV and Charger procurement and delivery
  • Permitting, construction, installation and commissioning
  • Incentives application support
  • Staff training
What you get:
  • Full EV & Charger leasing
  • Charging management software (Charging optimization and monitoring, faults, electricity usage)
  • 24/7 support for troubleshooting
  • Full preventative maintenance plan of charging equipment
  • Diagnostics and repair of charging equipment

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